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Drive quality investment in India, says Mauritius

Mauritius remains compliant to international norms ...

Highlighting the role of Mauritius in “driving quality investments” in India, it said investments through Mauritius into India over the years “have gone in productive and sustainable sectors”, including healthcare, housing, infrastructure, telecommunications and education.

 Even Indian companies have availed of the provisions of the DTAA to invest in Mauritius and through Mauritius into other emerging markets, the Board said. Mauritius is a privileged trade partner of India, it said. Total imports from India to Mauritius amounts to nearly Mauritian Rupee (MUR) 30 billion, while exports from Mauritius to India are around MUR 512 million.

 The Board emphasised that the companies operating in Mauritius are subject to stringent substance requirements including minimum of number of resident directors, full time employees, expenditure and principal bank accounts in Mauritius. “Mauritius is committed to fully collaborate with international norm-setting organisations at all levels,” it added.

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