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Winning or losing of elections is less important than strengthening the country ...

By Sayantan Chakravarty
  • Sayantan Chakravarty

Winning or losing of elections is less important than strengthening the country. —Indira Gandhi, former Indian Prime Minister After losing a couple of general elections in a short span of five years, Congress’ erstwhile party president Rahul Gandhi may or may not agree fully with the words spoken by his grandmother. Mrs Indira Gandhi, who first became India’s Prime Minister more than five decades ago, no doubt meant well when she spoke about strengthening the nation. But how do you really carry out nation building at the macro-level unless you win the big elections, form Government, and then put pragmatic, deliverable policies and plans in place? In politics, it’s all about winning.

The BJP resoundingly won a second term to run the federal Government in 2019, riding high on the popularity of incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first term, as well as many game-changing projects launched by the NDA Government. The BJP now truly has a chance to make the country stronger—that would mean reduction of gender disparity, doing away with hurtful appeasement, improving infrastructure, focusing harder on rural India, and creating a fertile economic territory that allows micro, small and medium businesses—the economy’s backbone—to flourish. Thanks to the party’s high-decibel digital drive, middlemen have been largely cut to size. Leakage of money going to the beneficiary is, therefore, minimized. But for the Modi magic to weave its spell, things also have to work smoothly on the ground. There are strategists who take care of that. One of the key ones is, of course, Mr Bhupender Yadav, MP, who has made his way into the top echelons of the party (he’s currently its national general secretary) and has no doubt impressed its highest leadership. Mr Yadav likes to meticulously plan out (read about the Page Pramukh strategy in his interview) how to drive things on the ground, and deliver long-term results. When it comes to the electoral war-room machinery, he’s in the thick of things, a pivotal part of the party’s think thank that looks at the big picture and then tirelessly goes to work on the vast political canvas across the length and breadth of the country.

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