July 2019 \ Cover Story \ COVER: POLITICAL INTERVIEW
“As a party we’ll scale newer heights”

Mr Bhupender Yadav, National General Secretary of the BJP, spoke to India Empire Magazine’s Editor and Publisher Sayantan Chakravarty at the former’s residence on a range of issues concerning the world’s largest political party ...

  • Mr Bhupender Yadav—A Strategic Thinker

As a political strategist and deep thinker you are part of BJP’s top leadership—alongside PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. Today the BJP is the world’s largest political party in terms of membership, ahead of the Communist Party in China and the Democratic Party and Republic Party in the USA. It also has secured an unprecedented 303 seats in the last Lok Sabha elections. As someone closely involved with the party’s evolution, how would you describe the journey?

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