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Merkel, Modi share good equation: German envoy

During Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s brief stopover ...

By Ranjana Narayan

Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics as well as energy, renewable energy, sustainable development, vocational training and environment,” among other subjects.
Mr Modi and Ms Merkel had also discussed Industry 4.0 during their bilateral meeting at Hannover in April 2015 when the two leaders jointly inaugurated the Hannover Trade Fair. Global issues would also figure in the talks. “We live in a turbulent time, where we and India and others are very interested in rule-based systems, structures, like the UN, and also like the WTO and other agreements where we can put rules. So it is not one against the other, or only bilateral issues.”

Talks would also cover “the environment front, trade, and also on scarceness of resources, plastic, but also globalisation in the digital world. There are a lot of topics which we share. And since the chemistry between the two PMs is a good one, I think they have a lot to talk in this context,” he added.

Trade between India and Germany was around 18.2 billion euros in the first 10 months of 2018, and India stands 26th among Germany’s trading partners. On Ease of Business in India, the Ambassador said it has “improved”. The two sides have established a “fast track mechanism” through which they iron out any issues hobbling forward movement.

The German Chambers of Commerce looks into the areas where their companies face problems in India, including of tax complications or double taxation. These inputs, along with those of the German embassy, are shared with the FICCI and other Indian industry chambers.