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The soul incarnates into a physical body ...

By Yogi Ashwini Ji

Shradhs are an important part of the Hindu/Vedic culture and cater to these ancestors’ needs. On these days the constellations are such that the gateways to the other dimensions open and they are allowed to visit the earth to meet their near and dear ones. These ancestors depend on their children and grandchildren to do good deeds in their name and to chant specific mantras, both these acts free the souls from bondages of these not desired yonis or levels of existences. It is the basic duty of the family members to perform certain rites and do charity in the names of their close ones, as its only once you are in the human body can you do all this, once out - all is lost and you are dependent on others for your salvation and rebirth [if your karmas do not permit].
At the present time and age, the youth of the country has no idea about the power and efficacy of the Vedic sciences and the phenomenal knowledge in the vedic mantras and rituals, the present education system is to be blamed for this as it is completely based on what the colonial masters chose for us, they were fearful of the power of the vedas and hence destroyed the gurukul system and ensured that we were taught redundant sciences and tweaked history to their advantage. The purpose was such that the coming generations lose faith in their culture and follow the colonial masters blindly. The result which they wanted is visible today.

For the younger generations who might be thinking by now that this article reeks of Hindutva and is a fairy tale based on fiction, I would like to point certain facts of history.
In the ancient world the main cultures flourishing around 4,000 years back were the Egyptians, the Mesopotamians, the Romans, Mayans, and others and, of course, our very own culture. None of the present day religions or schools of thought were present, except the Hindu religion and the vedic thought. All the cultures prevalent believed in the other world and traveling of the soul to other dimensions. The pyramids which are a common feature in all the continents are a living proof of the advancement and the high scientific knowledge of these ancient masters.

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