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The soul incarnates into a physical body ...

By Yogi Ashwini Ji

Scientists today accept that the ancients had a strong knowledge of mathematics, astronomy, chemistry and physics. The pyramids are aligned in the north south direction and the shafts in them are pointing towards the three main stars of the orion belt which the scientists of today say could be the birth place of stars and the human origin. The technology to move such heavy stones to build pyramids is still not available to mankind. As a matter of fact scientists are till date baffled by them, they are further baffled when they have found high doses of radioactivity in the bones indicating an atomic explosion of the human remains at Mohenjo-Daro.

4,000 years back when these civilisations were flourishing, at that time the third yug or the dwapar yug was in process. If we just try to go back further to the treta yug and read about the the various weapons used in the Ramayana war, we would realise that our ancestors knew the way the creation functions and the secrets of the lokas and the world of energy.

It is important to note that the Hindu culture is the only culture which predates all the other cultures and is still the largest practiced religion, its mantras and practices are not mumbo jumbo but they are a gift of a highly advanced civilisation to the present day humans That’s why it has survived till date. So if you feel the presence of ghosts around you or are going through troubled times because of pitr dosha, then I invite you to take the help of the techniques prescribed in the vedic culture....rituals of shradh being one of them.

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