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Zurich Airport wins bid to develop UP’s Jewar Airport

Zurich Airport International AG was on Friday ...

Zurich Airport International AG was on Friday selected as the concessionaire for developing the Noida International Airport at Jewar in Uttar Pradesh. The company, headquartered in Switzerland, made the highest per-passenger bid for the airport, outbidding competitors like Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL), Adani Enterprises and Anchorage Infrastructure Investments Holdings Ltd. Under the norms, DIAL had the ‘First Right of Refusal’ as the proposed airport will be developed within 150 km of the IGI airport. However, the provision did not qualify, as its bid was not within the required 10 per cent range of the winning bid amount.

Shailendra Bhatia of the project’s nodal office said that Anchorage offered Rs 205 premium per passenger, Delhi International Airport Rs 351, Adani Enterprises Rs 360 and Zurich Airport Rs 400.97. “Zurich Airport International AG has made the highest bid for developing the Jewar airport and has been selected as the concessionaire for the airport,” he said. The financial bid will now be put up before the Project Monitoring and Implementation Committee on December 2. The Swiss company operates the Zurich Airport, and eight airports in Latin America.