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“India is top class telecom investment destination”

India as a destination for telecom is world class ...

By Anjana Das

He also said the “if the auction is to happen in April, moving backwards, cabinet nod has to come before at least two months. So it may be in January when Cabinet approval will be sought.

He also said that it will not be fair to give what could be the revenue amount collected from the sales or how much spectrum will be sold.

Asked if the telcos are in a state to bid for the auction given that they will have to pay hefty amount as AGR dues to the Department and if the Trai’s decision to examine setting a floor rate for the tariffs as well as the tariff hikes of the telcos will have any positive impact on their financial health, Prakash said: “At is for the regulator to decide about the tariff, but we are hopeful that given the rapid growth of mobiles and telecom in India the companies will certainly do well. Our data consumptions and voice calls as well as tele density, rapid expansion of network , all indicators are that we should do well”, he said. This is the first time the Government has made the changes in payment schedule.