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Covestro India appoints Anand Srinivasan as MD

Producer of high performance polymers ...

  • Mr Anand Srinivasan

Producer of high performance polymers, Covestro India in December announced the appointment of Anand Srinivasan as its new Managing Director (MD) with effect from December 18. Mr Srinivasan is currently heading the polycarbonates division and would replace Mr Ajay Durrani who served as the MD of the company for six years. Stephan Rosenthal, Head of Country Platform Management, Covestro AG, said: “India is one of the growing markets in the world and we are happy to have Anand as the Managing Director of Covestro India. He understands the vision of the company intrinsically and we are confident that he will effectively lead in his new role.”

Mr Srinivasan said: “Together with our team and partners, our focus will be to strengthen our partnerships and build new relationships for future growth. We are committed to build our product portfolio and take initiatives that touch many lives and make the world a brighter place.”

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