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Surround yourself with smart, dedicated people ...

By Sayantan Chakravarty

And so began Mr Singh’s journey of a thousand miles. His first sponsor was Professor Frank Chookolingo who provided a seed money of USD 5,000. That along with other donations enabled the curtains to go up on the first award function at the Marriott Hotel at the Los Angeles Airport. The year was 1987. Much has happened since. America has seen 4 more Presidents. The L.A. Lakers have won 6 more NBA championships. Two Indian movies have been nominated to the Oscars. Indian Americans in the USA have quadrupled to over 3 million. And those that received the awards have seen the winds of change blowing in the Indian community, and have made their presence felt over time.

As far as celebrating the success of young Indian Americans is concerned, one man has certainly made his presence felt. We know that it’s never a one man show. But it’s always that one man that makes a big difference.

Take a bow, Inder Singh. You have created and mentored many institutions and champions along the way.

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