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Management by coaching

When I started InterraIT In 1997 ...

By Asoke K Laha

Yes, coaching your team members will teach you how to help someone with a different background and how to build bridges with disparate individuals and situations. In coaching what matters primarily is the goal or destination and one helps himself as well as others in reaching this destination through joint endeavor.

It has happened a number of times that this coaching exercise has triggered not only productivity and team bonding but tapping of hidden talents and potential on the employee side. If you work very closely with someone along human and skill development, it often may give both of them rich dividends of many kinds which make the both personal and organizational journey better and more fruitful.

What benefits can we expect from management by coaching really?

First of all, it will arrest attrition. Secondly, it will help a resource to evolve in terms of maturity. Thirdly, it will help create a succession chain of coaches and establish a practice of professional coaching inside the organization.

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