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“Indo-Russian AI coop will reach level of strategic sectors soon”

Finnish-Russian digital solutions provider Zyfra ...

Finnish-Russian digital solutions provider Zyfra said in February that there are good prospects of cooperation in the field of industrial artificial intelligence (AI) that would take innovation, in some years, to the same level of cooperation seen in strategic sectors like defence and nuclear energy.

India has become a key foreign market for Zyfra which develops turnkey solutions for digital transformation and enhancing operational efficiency in industries like mining, oil and gas, machinery and metallurgy across the globe.

Responding to queries here, Zyfra Director of Business Development Alexander Smolensky that private companies have a distinct advantage in the area of innovation.

“There are undoubtedly prospects for cooperation between Russian and Indian companies in the area of industrial artificial intelligence. India is an industrial power with a long history and extensive experience of IT development. India is very interested in innovation, and we’re ‘eeing that from both government agencies, as well as companies. We are seeing high demand for digitalisation from Indian companies,” he said.