March 2020 \ Arts & Entertainment \ COLUMN: YOGI ASHWINI MIND AND BODY

Creation is cyclical in nature. There is an upward curve ...

By Yogi Ashwini Ji
  • Yogi Ashwini

Creation is cyclical in nature. There is an upward curve followed by a downward curve. We are presently on the downward curve of Creation, the peak of Kalyug. If you look around, everything is on a decline or fast deteriorating.

Let us take the health of humans as an example, if you compare your body and level of activity to that of your grandparents when they were your age, you would find, they had fitter and stronger bodies and were able do much more work than yourself. Then if you go back few hundred years and compare their bodies to those of their forefathers, a similar trend would be observed. In fact there is a modern research which confirms that the brain size of humans is shrinking with time.

Not just health, the quality of food, air, water and environment is all on a downturn. Forests are fast disappearing, foods are laden with toxins, water is contaminated, air is unbreathable, wild life is thinning out. In general, negativity is increasing - disease is on the rise, as is crime, theft, deceit and atrocities against animals. Creation is moving to the pits, and so are we, as part and parcel of Creation.

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