March 2020 \ Arts & Entertainment \ COLUMN: YOGI ASHWINI MIND AND BODY

Creation is cyclical in nature. There is an upward curve ...

By Yogi Ashwini Ji

What is higher and lower birth, do an experiment. Shut off all lights in your room and draw curtains. Nothing should be visible, not even the LCD of your television. Shut yourself in this room for a whole day without sleeping or eating/drinking, you will get an experience of lower births after death. Then get up before sunrise, breathe in deeply. Face the rising sun and chant Om for 30 minutes, you will experience a higher birth.

So now you know what’s your fate after death, it will be one of the two depending on your karma and if you believe there is no life after death, then come to Dhyan Ashram…I will make you experience it. And, would like to add here, that good karmas are not going to religious players, but doing good to the less fortunate.

Article from Yogi Ashwini from Dhyan Ashram