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As the travel and hospitality industry goes through ...

  • Mr Ritesh Agarwal

As the travel and hospitality industry goes through a near-standstill scenario amid the coronavirus crisis, hospitality major OYO in April announced furloughs or temporary leaves of 60-90 days for its employees in the US and select other markets, while keeping its staff in India untouched from the move.

In a video message and a letter to the employees and all other stakeholders, OYO Founder and Group CEO, Ritesh Agarwal said that the company will be placing a certain number of its employees, ‘OYOpreneurs’, on furloughs. He also confirmed that keeping its promise to the government of India, OYO is committed to zero actions that impact employment status and salaries of ten thousand plus ‘OYOpreneurs’ on payrolls and tens of thousands of OYO managed assets staff, during this unprecedented period of a 21-day countrywide lockdown.