May 2020 \
“Centre must handhold states till economy is back on track”

With the Bhilwara Model paving way for the global world to strategise in its fight against an unseen enemy—the COVID-19 virus, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot was congratulated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for taking new initiatives to fight the pandemic during a video conferencing session held with the state CMs on Monday. IANS spoke to Gehlot in an e-interview to know more about these new initiatives being introduced in the state. Gehlot who has been leading from the front in the battle against the COVID-19 crisis in the state, in the e-interview, highlighted the challenges which were successfully eliminated to make the Bhilwara model a success on the global map. He further discussed the way forward for the state economy which is in shambles following the pandemic outbreak. He talked about the initiatives taken by his Government to ensure that “no one sleeps hungry in Rajasthan”. The CM said that Rajasthan probably is the first state in the country to have announced an econo

By Archana Sharma

Please share your major concerns during COVID-19 and the way forward?

For this, extensive counselling of people had to be done. Ruthless containment, strict compliance of curfew and social distancing were the key features of Bhilwara Model



The experience so far suggests that the novel coronavirus is highly contagious and no definite cure is available. Social distancing and using the mask, seems to be the order of the day. People will have to learn to live with new norms forced by this pandemic such as social distancing, cleanliness of their surroundings, use of sanitizers and masks, work from home to the extent possible and above all to rely on credible sources of information only and not to be taken in by rumours.

Support and sustenance of marginalised sections of the society should now be voluntarily taken up as a collective responsibility by the relatively well-off sections of the society. It seems crowded social ceremonies are to be put on hold for a fairly long period. There is petty politics also been played in the name of religion during COVID times.Your perspective on the same.

I would categorically state that corona does not differentiate between the people based on caste, religion, nationality and any other denominators. We must combat this collectively with all the resources available at our command. It is unfortunate if somebody is indulging in petty politics at the cost of common good of the masses. We will work with the sole objective of saving the lives to the maximum possible. Such actions would not gain traction with people at large. But for sure, this will not weaken our resolve to work tirelessly till we come out victorious.