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2020 Parliamentary Elections in Mongolia ...

By Chanravyn Burenbayar

                                        A man at the polling station. Photo courtesy: news.mn agency

The Democratic Party, as it was in the 2012 Parliamentary election, was over-confident about it victory, perhaps because there has been a consistent trend for electors in the country to ensure that there is a change of guard with each election. The DP went as far as to announce, even before the voters went to the polls, the new Prime Minister as the “DP was confident that it would seep the 2020 elections,” and also promised to make public the new Cabinet. But this was not happen and this was the second time in the Parliamentary elections for the DP to suffer a bitter defeat.

Some young members of the DP, blaming the DP leader Mr. S. Erdene, now a former MP, for mismanaging the elections and have demanded his resignation for the party’s second debacle.

While the leaders of a new party “United Coalition of Upright Citizens” (UCUC) both of whom broke away from the DP while in the Parliament to form their new party, conceded defeat having formed a coalition with three other parties, and also resigned as the leaders of their new UCUC Party.

The MPP, even before the official results were announced, at wee hours after midnight on 24 June, held a press conference, where the MPP Secretary General thanked the voters for their support and announced that the “MPP, without any delay was setting down to go about its business.”

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