December 2015 \ Interviews \ Interview with Trade and Industry Minister, Lesoth
“We consider India to be a superpower”


How do you rate the current relations between India and Lesotho under Narendra Modi Government?

Our relationships with India have traditionally been excellent irrespective of which party is in power. We have a very strong bilateral relationship that ranges from security to trading. A contingent of Indian Army has been in Lesotho for a while now and doing a wonderful job in helping us strengthen and structure our army. This is an intervention that started years ago and will continue irrespective of who is the Prime Minister.

Does Lesotho agree that India should get a permanent seat in UNSC?

Lesotho as a part of Africa subscribes to the view that it is time that the United Nations reflects their current situation or the geopolitical situation to the world. Things may have been different in 1945 but the world has changed. So, we support India’s aspirations just as India supports our aspirations with regards to the Security Council.

Lesotho has recognised the state of Jammu and Kashmir as an integral part of India. What will be your stand if the matter is discussed in UN?

We are very clear that the territorial integrate of India is a non negotiable matter and we support it. Therefore, it is not even the matter of what our position is, there is nothing to negotiate because we recognize India territorial integrate and will continue to do so.

What are your views on Indian peace keeping force in Africa?

We think India has been one of the leading countries as far as contributing to United Nation’s peace keeping process and we support it. We believe that countries like Lesotho also have an opportunity to learn from experiences of Indian peace keeping force.

What are your views on India offering Africa a concessional credit of USD 10 billion over five years and a grant assistance of USD 600 million?

It is very commendable and generous. It demonstrates that Prime Minister Modi is not just saying the right things but putting his mind where his mouth is. He is supporting the commitment of the Indian Government to strengthen this relationship. The trade and economic relations are very important and providing financial support is one way to strengthen them and we are very excited about it. We believe that these steps will catalyze our efforts to further grow this relationship.