August 2020 \ Interviews \ INTERVIEW—CTA PRESIDENT
“Not the last military aggression by China”

The ongoing military aggression across the Himalayas ...

By Vishal Gulati

On boycotting Chinese goods to deal with China economically, he said Beijing is the manufacturing hub of the world and is the major trading partner for many countries. “I think collectively, countries must cut down their trade dependence on China. There are a lot of things that can be done on the government level, also I think celebrities are a major influencer when it comes to consumerism and therefore, they shouldn’t promote China made products.”

“As I keep saying, a resolution for resolving the Tibet issue is making Tibet a peace zone,” he said. “Asia’s future cooperation and development depends on the nature of India-China relations. Having robust relations between China and India, Tibet issue must be resolved, it is because Tibet issue lies the centrality of China-India relations.

“Creating Tibet as a zone of peace in Asia is a win-win approach. Having said that, I see, the future of Asia depends on the Tibet issue,” Sangay was categorically clear in his saying. On resolving the issue of Tibet with China by the CTA, Sangay, who is at helm for his second consecutive term, believes in dialogue.