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The summer issue of Town & Country ...

“We’ve seen it time and again: In the aftermath of terrorism, tragedy, and trauma, the generous and the just respond with speed and flexibility to help those most affected. This agility and responsiveness make philanthropy unique... and it makes philanthropy a vital public good, in these times and all times. “Philanthropy is a word. From the Greek, it roughly translates as love for humankind. But it also is an idea. Philanthropy brings light to the darkness, hope in moments of despair, and in moments of crisis, relief and response and resolve. It translates generosity into justice for all.”

Recognizing the effort of Nita Ambani and the Foundation, the magazine stated: “The Reliance Foundation - the philanthropic initiative of Reliance Industries, founded and chaired by Ambani-distributed millions of meals and masks to frontline workers and the poor, set up India’s first hospital for Covid-19 patients, and donated $72 million to an emergency fund.” Nita Ambani, Chairperson of Reliance Foundation, said: “Crises almost always demand immediate and urgent attention, of relief, of resources, of ingenuity and most importantly of compassion. Over the years, we have equipped ourselves at the Foundation and at Reliance Industries to respond to crises with immediate, multi-pronged as well as systematic and calibrated responses to make our effort impactful and sustained. We are pleased and humbled that our initiative is being recognised at the global level. Our philanthropy is committed to support our government and our community whenever the need arises.”

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