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Oman mulls cutting retirement benefits

Numerous Keralaites working in the Government ...

Numerous Keralaites working in the Government sector in Oman are a worried lot, for more than one reason. Not only has Oman taken rapid steps in nationalising the work force in the government sector by replacing the large number of Keralite diaspora with its own nationals, but there are now reports that retirement benefits are also going to be culled, which has sent shockwaves, especially among the nursing community.

Oman has a huge number of nurses from Kerala and the speculated double blow has not gone down well with the Keralite community. According to a few of the nurses, the news that is spreading is even though their appointment letter clearly states that at the end of every year of completed service, one month’s salary will be paid as end of service benefits, but the new rule which is now going to be implemented states that irrespective of the number of total years of service, the maximum number of years would be restricted to 12. The latest is that this is likely to be further curbed to a maximum of just six years.

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