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The topic for our family dinner-time discussion ...

By Nayan Chakravarty

The topic for our family dinner-time discussion, the other day, was, “classroom”. Yes, it brought back memories of that room with desks laid in orderly lines at day’s start, the blackboard, the teacher’s table and chair; and an occasional vandalized ceiling fan blade, here, or a broken window pane, there. It was the quintessential classroom of the last decade, in the last century; at least in this part of the world where I grew up. The classroom of today isn’t quite different, characteristically, unless we bring in “smart” to the mix. While a “smart classroom” was still about a physical place, the Corona virus shutdowns, and other forces set into motion, earlier, have familiarized a larger section of the learning populace with something known as a Learning Management System—LMS, for short.

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