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The topic for our family dinner-time discussion ...

By Nayan Chakravarty

These systems have been around for some time now. However, current times have set off some serious thinking in terms of extending their usage, not just in higher education courses, but wherever existing infrastructure allows a virtual learning environment as a viable alternative, or an enabler, at least.

True, educators world-wide have done a commendable job in shifting gears with respect to pedagogy, but there are real challenges when it comes to administering assessments, online. There are many others which the technology offers to solve, thus justifying the “management” tag; the one highlighted, however, needs an immediate solution. While inexpensive or free offerings like Google Classroom provide alternatives, and in many cases, enhance the overall classroom experience, when it comes to assessment management, the choices are limited to short-answer or multi-choice questions that can be set up by integrating with Google forms.