September 2020 \ Arts & Entertainment \ COLUMN: YOGI ASHWINI MIND AND BODY

Everything in creation is either going up or it is going down ...

By Yogi Ashwini

The loka above Swarga is called the Maha loka, it is the dimension of those beings who are entitled for Swarga, but have no desire to enjoy its pleasures. Beyond this is the Jana loka. Here the beings responsible for creating the ‘software’ that runs the entire creation, reside. Tapa is the next loka and it is for beings who desire to do tapasya. The heat generated by their tapasya gives energy to the sun, powered by which the entire creation runs.

The final dimension is the Satya lok where Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh reside. Only souls which have an unshakable desire to merge with these energies are able to reach here. At the gate of Shiv Dham there are ganas in the form of bhooth, pret and pishach that try to dissuade a sadhak from entering. Nandi is one of the favorite ganas of Lord Shiv who fulfills all physical and material desires to keep the sadhak immersed in them so that he/she does not move to the Shiv Dham.