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Majority expat women in Oman Government are Indians

Indian women accounted for the ...

Indian women accounted for the most number of expat female employees in Oman's government sector, according to a report by the Middle Eastern country's National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI).

The NCSI's 2020 Statistical Yearbook revealed that Indian females topped the list at 4,604, Gulf News reported. The data also said that Indian women comprised 37 per cent of the total Indian workforce employed in the government sector in 2019. Egyptian female employees came second on the list at 3,090, followed by Sudanese women. Non-Omani GCC women were the fewest, with only 36 employed in the country's public sector. As per the data, the majority of the expatriate women workers are employed in the education sector, closely followed by human health and social activities, and other service activities. The skill levels of expatriate women were highest among technical and limited skills labourers, the report revealed.

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