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SageOne is India’s topmost wealth creator

SageOne Investment Advisors LLP topped ...

SageOne Investment Advisors LLP topped the list of biggest wealth creators for the last decade, according to a recent report. The company's portfolio delivered annualized returns of 24.70 per cent, the highest amongst its peers. The report ranked Sundaram SISOP as the second biggest wealth creator for the last decade with an annualized return of 18.80 per cent. It was followed by Girik Capital Multicap Growth in the third place with annualized returns of 17.15 per cent returns over the period, said the PMS AIF World report. The report analysed the 10-year performance of all India focused equity products across categories to prepare the list of top 15 wealth creators of the last decade.

The report also showed that best PMS (Portfolio Management Services) products outperform their mutual fund counterparts. It showed that equity investment styles tend to go through cycles and some styles outperform over a short period but give up the outperformance when that style is out of favour to deliver average returns.

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