October 2020 \ Business & Investment \ TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY

According to a report published by the World Tourism ...

By Nayan Chakravarty

Personalized services offerings are also becoming quite popular. The hospitality industry has access to a wealth of customer data which can now be run through sophisticated analytical models to come up with tailor-made packages in almost real-time. Preferred room location like pool-side or sea-facing, choice of cuisine like Thai or Italian, or activity like theme park or golf, everything is customizable on request, even for members of the same family.

Augmented reality is helping overlay information on location maps which is enabling customers to explore the locale more confidently. Robotic vacuum cleaners can clean and sanitize with utmost adherence to safety standards, posing no health risk to customers or housekeeping staff, in the process. Payments at most point-of-sales can be made without taking out the wallet. The entire customer experience is being remodeled with convenience and safety in mind.

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