October 2020 \ Business & Investment \ TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY

According to a report published by the World Tourism ...

By Nayan Chakravarty

The biggest challenge, however, would be to entice prospective travelers out of their homes. Though road trips and point-to-point personal travels continue to be safe propositions, in the wake of the pandemic, customers seek evidence. In order to achieve that, social media campaigns are being revamped to showcase virtual tours of accommodations that are conducting stringent cleaning and sanitization exercises to ensure customer safety.

In the middle of this global crisis, smart cities like Dubai continue to push forward with their move to block chain. Elsewhere, hospitality industries are roping in incremental investments and stepping up their technology game. Tourism is crawling back and technology is doing its bit. Hopefully, the skies will reopen to business soon, and it would be time to fly again.

—The writer is a Technology Champion who has worked on multiple projects in the Silicon Valley

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