“Every Surinamese has the right to a dignified existence”

H.E. Ronnie Brunswijk, Vice-President of the Republic of Suriname, responded to questions from India Empire Magazine’s Editor and Publisher Sayantan Chakravarty ...

What is the overall mandate and charter of the General Liberation and Development Party which you chair?

The political party I am chairman of has grown. This growth is clearly reflected in statistics. We went from 1 seat to 3, then we got 5 seats and at the last election we got 9 seats. This clearly indicates the growth of the party within 15 years. This growth has also been accompanied by more and more responsibility in the government. For example, in the current cabinet we had the role of Vice-President and chairman of the National Assembly to fill in.

What is the contribution of the Surinamese diaspora to your country?

The Diaspora community will be able to contribute to the further development of Suriname. The knowledge, experience and finance of this group must not be lost. Because of this reason, a Diaspora Institute has been set up, which will make policy in this regard. Investors will also be attracted and guided from this institute.