December 2020 \ Business & Investment \ Business & Governance
Daimler opens Global Capability Centre

Commercial vehicles maker Daimler India Commercial ...

  • Mr Satyakam Arya

Commercial vehicles maker Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) on Tuesday said it has opened a new Global Capability Centre in Chennai. The 165-seat facility is designed to house the company’s “shared services” business stream. Shared services refers to the various services DICV exports to other Daimler entities around the world, including research and development, information technology, cost engineering, supplier and quality management, human resources and customer service.

“With the rapid growth of our shared services revenue stream, we are substantially increasing our significance in providing a broad portfolio of services to the international Daimler network and beyond. With our new Global Capability Centre, we look forward to attracting the best possible local talent and continuing to Make for the World,” CEO and Managing Director Satyakam Arya said.

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