December 2015 \ Diaspora News \ PM in UK
The Wembley Show

  • Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi delivering his address at Wembley Stadium

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that diversity was India's strength as he urged the country's British Indian diaspora to become integral part of its growth story and dispelled concerns highlighted in media over some incidents intolerance in the country, saying that "there is a very deep and best India outside TV screen"

Addressing a huge, enthusiastic gathering of British Indians at the expansive Wembley Stadium in November, Mr Modi announced resumption of a direct flight between London and Ahmedabad, simplification of the process concerning Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card and measures taken towards electronic travel authorisation and e-migration portal.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, who was present at the stadium, described it "a historic day" and said it was biggest gathering of Indian diaspora. Mr Modi, who spoke for over an hour, talked of his government's plans to launch railway rupee bond in London and raised slogan "James Bond, Brooke Bond and Rupee Bond" to loud cheers from the gathering. Mr Modi faced questions over intolerance from the media during his visit to the United Kingdom and to which he said India was a land of diversity. Diversity is its pride and its strength," he added. Towards the end of his speech, Mr Modi recalled work of Mr Imran Khan, a resident of Alwar in Rajasthan who has developed over 50 mobile applications related to education and dedicated them to students.

"My India is in Imran Khan of Alwar," Mr Modi said. Leaders of the world ask him with some amazement how there is so much harmony in a diverse and big country like India, he added. Referring to the work of his government in the past 18 months, Mr Modi said India's stature had risen in the world and said the diaspora must also be experiencing it. "This change is the sign of India's success. Today when India talks, it does from a position of equality," he said. "India is moving on the path of development at a fast pace. I can tell you that the speed which India has taken, the direction it has taken, results will be evident soon," he added.