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Mantras and Chanting

By Yogi Ashwini Ji
  • Yogi Ashwini

The entire creation is just one frequency, one vibration, The entire creation is just one frequency, one vibration, one energy. This one frequency then divides to create different things that we see around us – trees, plants, animals, human beings, soil, etc are all different frequencies. Our body is made of the five tattvas as were the bodies of those who came and went before us. Everything in creation is composed of the five tattvasand each tattva vibrates at a particular frequency. As one enters yog, the frequencies of these tattvas are changed repeatedly to adjust to changes/problems in body, work, environment etc. As one progresses, he/she develops a state of vairagya – where the problems no longer have an effect on him/her. If there is a problem, it is good and if there isn’t, it is even better. Or the opposite – if a problem is not there it is good, and if is there, it is even better. When this becomes the normal state for a person, he/she is ready for yog.  A practitioner then uses the various frequencies to tread forward on the path of evolution.

A dhwani or sound is a frequency corresponding to a specific element ortattva and that tattva in turn corresponds to all the things that are composed of it. The bodies that were there thousands of years ago are there even today because energy can neither be created, nor destroyed, it only changes form. The bodies are changing their form constantly with the progression of time. The body that you were in earlier changed its form and so you have the body that you have today. And this body will again change form and you will have another body. The levels of pollution in you increase with every successive change in form and so the body possessed by every successive generation is one step lower than that of the previous generation.

Sound or dhwani forms the basis of Vedic sciences. As one progresses inmantra sadhna, the frequency of chant increases and ultimately there is just one sound. All the sounds ultimately merge into one sound and that is the sound of Om. The Vedic sciences need not be written or memorised, what is required is to catch the frequency of dhwani and then replicate it. The one who is able to replicate the sound properly merges with the creation.

Everything in creation is a bhog (pleasure) and every bhog has a rog (pain) attached to it since the creation exists in opposites. Every bhog is a unique frequency, every rog is a unique frequency and they are all in a state of balance. Everything is a balance. When asurs increase, surs decrease and when surs increase, asurs decrease – a balance is maintained at all times because energy is constant, it is just changing forms.  If there is sound, there is silence. If there is darkness, there is light. If there is bhog, there is rog. Do not make the mistake of thinking that if today you are having a good time, these pleasures will go on the same way. In the dimension of sthool(physical) creation, everything is bound by time. There is a time period for every pleasure (or pain) and that is pre-determined, it cannot go on beyond that time-frame. If you get attached to a pleasure and think it will go on forever, you will be highly disappointed. The Vedic masters have maintained – na paapam, na punyam, na sukham, na dukham, sat-chit-anand roopam shivoham shivoham. That is the state that one should strive for.

Nowadays one hears of pujas and upays to block the effect of shani dev or ofrahu and ketu and others that the ‘upay-sellers’ claim are the cause of your problems. All of this is pure nonsense. Karma is the basis. Every karma is a vibration and whenever you perform a karma, you unleash a vibration into the creation, ripples of which travel back to you. None of these shaktis can do any harm to you if your karmas are strong. And if your karmas are weak, none of these can do any good for you either. If you have done something wrong then you will have to bear the consequences, you cannot escape them. And if you haven’t done anything then nothing can touch you. So never be afraid of these shaktis, have confidence in yourself. All these shaktis are within you and I will teach you what to do with which vibration.

The physical body is connected to everything in creation. The cell in that leaf was once inside you, it is also possible that cells of Hitler too are inside you… By cell, I mean the energy of that cell. The physical cell has changed forms many a times but energy is constant in creation and it is possible to communicate with that energy. Modern science agrees that if there is a multicellular structure that is divided into two parts and one part is sent to America while the other to Africa, they still retain the ability to communicate with each other. The relationship of a mother and a child is a perfect example.

—The writer Yogi Ashwini Ji is the head of Dhyan Foundation, Delhi. For details contact: ashwiniyogi@yahoo.co.in

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