February 2016 \ DIASPORA NEWS
NRI's Political Party

An Indian-origin corporate banking worker has set up his own political party and called for Britain to throw open its borders, a media report said. Mr Harjinder Singh, a former UK Independence Party (UKIP) candidate for Birmingham’s Perry Barr constituency, has set up the Open Borders Party as he disagrees vehemently with his former Eurosceptic party’s immigration policy. “I wanted to leave the EU, but I’m a libertarian and I believe in independence and freedom,” Mr Singh was quoted as saying. He added that he wants an open border, as long as new arrivals do not have a criminal record or contagious disease, pay an entry fee, are denied state benefits and pay higher tax rates for several years.

According to him, the policy would bring huge economic benefits, boosting the economy with new labour and saving the taxpayer a fortune spent trying to keep migrants out. He said UKIP did not entirely share his views. “I was a little bit naive with regard to some of their other policies, as they’ve bolted some on, and those don’t represent me. That for me is where I draw the line, but with regard to the main core party view, which is to leave the EU, UKIP were the only party saying that, which is why I joined.”

Mr Singh plans to contest next elections and hopes to attract some like-minded people to join his party and support him. The 38-year-old made headlines during the British general elections campaign by waving at thousands of cars a day passing through the busy Scott Arms junction in Great Barr. He finished third behind Labour Party MP Mr Khalid Mahmood and Conservative candidate Charlotte Hodivala. His unusual campaigning style secured 5,032 votes, which was an improvement on UKIP’s previous performance in the Perry Barr constituency.