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‘Grandson of a poor farmer in India’: Murthy re-introduces himself

Vivek Murthy, Indian American nominee for US Surgeon General and “grandson of a poor farmer in India” struck notes of gratitude and an empathetic approach to his new role as he delivered his first public remarks from the Biden-Harris lectern after being picked to be America’s Doctor ...

If we all work together, we will overcome this pandemic and return to our lives. But COVID 19 is not the only health crisis we face—if anything, it has underscored a host of other epidemics that are devastating families and shortening lifespans: addiction, the opioid crisis, and spiraling mental health concerns; glaring racial disparities and high rates of diabetes and heart disease.

These challenges are both caused and exacerbated by broader societal issues—from the economic strains families face to the disconnection and loneliness many of us feel. In my new, expanded role, I will work to bring a health perspective to our policies across government so that our schools, workplaces, and communities can be forced to strengthen our health and well being. But the truth is that the best policies—and the best vaccines and treatments—will not heal our nation unless we overcome the fear, anxiety, anger, and distrust so many Americans are feeling right now.