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Raghavan, Reddy in Biden’s team

US President-elect Joe Biden has named two ...

  • Mr Gautam Raghavan

US President-elect Joe Biden has named two more Indian Americans to plum appointments in the post-Trump world: Gautam Raghavan is coming in as Deputy Director in the Office of Presidential Personnel and Vinay Reddy will be the Director of Speechwriting, according to a statement in December from the transition team.

Already, at least eight Indian Americans have snagged headline grabbing appointments in the incoming government: Vivek Murthy is US Surgeon General nominee, Atul Gawande and Celine Gounder are on the coronavirus task force, Neera Tanden is nominated for Office of Management and Budget lead, Vedant Patel will be White House assistant press secretary and Mala Adiga has been chosen as policy director for First Lady Jill Biden.