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“Help Develop India”

  • Mr Navtej Sarna

India's new envoy Navtej Sarna told leading members of the Indian community in the UK that India House is an "institution open to all Indians" and the community could play a "huge role" in helping to channelise foreign investment and in the development of its key infrastructure. At a well attended Indian community function in February, Sarna, who took over from Ranjan Mathai last month, said Indians in the UK had flourished extensively in every field of human endeavour, economics and business, politics, culture, medicine and finance, and had acquired a political weight and strong voice. "Even while they flourish in the UK they have not forgotten their cultural roots. On the contrary, their culture has become part of British life—tandoori is more popular than fish and chips, Bhangra is a byword in London," the high commissioner said. Sarna said UK's Indian community has a huge role to play in helping India attract foreign investment and expertise that would help develop its infrastructure, its ports, airports and smart cities and the cleaning of the Ganga river. "The intention of the High Commission is to initiate a two-way conversation with members of the community wherein all problems could be freely shared and discussed," he said. “The High Commission would make every effort to resolve "all concerns", said Sarna.

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