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September 2005

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Cover Story

The Power of Yoga
A path to enlightenment and health that 
winds back 5,000 years, yoga has 
become the hottest fad across India.
How can you gain from it?

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Kamal Blooms
Kamal Dandona moves with the influential and hobnobs with America's famous. How does he work his charm?

Sports: F1 Racing

Magic of Formula 1
At 300 kmph the million dollar cars zip past the bleachers like a blur. But there's more to F1 than mere racing. It's all about glamour and the money



Corporate Dreadmill
A crash course at Harvard wouldn’t have pried him out of the eighties mindset that he was stuck in. He was glued in and clued out.



Destination Korea
Think Korea and you'll think of DVDs, TVs, cars, mobiles. But the hitech country is a land of surprising natural beauty



Dear readers and advertisers. This is our first anniversary issue. Thank you for supporting us in building up this magazine.

Realty Check

The Government may be blowing hot and cold on retail trade, but old business houses in India smell a great oppurtunity.

Box Office

Bollywood Buzz

Click here to check out the latest happennings in bollywood.


Feng Shui your doors and windows. Doors and windows play the most crucial role.

Chow Time

Would you try a bowlful of mushroom soup or is wine sipping your forte? India Empire fills you up on what’s up next in the food and beverage scene



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