“India is now recognized as a world leader”

Tan Sri Datuk Dr Mohan Swami is the Chancellor of Swami Rama Himalayan University in Dehradun which held its first convocation in April, and is also the Executive Chairman of the Perdana University in Malaysia. A world renowned medical doctor, and a deeply philosophical man, he dialogued with India Empire’s Sayantan Chakravarty on issues close to his heart

What kind of academic tie-ups have you recently concluded at Perdana?

At Perdana, we pay special attention to research. Research forms the backbone of innovation, creativity and progress. We have a collaboration agreement with another institution - University of California, San Diego, a top-rated US institution that has a strong research and academic background. The Malaysian Medical Council however is yet to accredit this four year graduate entry programme which is the first of its kind in the country. Sometimes one has to be bold to accept changes in systems. Most developed countries have adopted this four year American style medical programme as an alternate pathway. Malaysia, like India, is familiar only with the British style 5 year programme. I learnt from my Gurudev to be patient but to persevere.

Our home grown School of Bioinformatics and Data Sciences is highly rated. We are one of the few Universities to offer postgraduate courses in this area of specialisation. 

It is said you have been inspired by Higher Living in the Himalayas. When did you make your first journey from Malaysia to the Indian mountains?

HH Swami Rama’s autobiography Living with the Himalayan Masters transformed my life. As soon as I completed the second reading on the same day, I knew what I wanted. On the same day on 1st September 1990, I went looking for him in Rishikesh. He brought me to the barren land four days later (in which stands the Education hub now) and said: “It is my Master’s wish that I build a hospital here and a medical school to serve the people of this region. It will become a medical city one day”. The prophesy has come true. He always advocated that one needs to do seva selflessly and the Divine Mother will look after the rest.