June 2016 \ Business & Investment \ BUSINESS—LOGISTICS
ECU Worldwide brings the world to your doorsteps

Economies operate in a well coordinated fashion with every passing year and geographies get closer with technical innovations. As the leading less than container load (LCL) consolidator and a pioneer in the integrated logistics service, we need to constantly innovate and adapt to the dynamic changes to be able to offer superior customer experience across the globe.

By Shantha Martin

The change denotes that we are going beyond being port-to- port operator to door-to- door service provider, through multi-modal services such as ocean, air and road in certain geographies. Our extensive presence across regions and well connected networks on key trade routes make us the preferred partners. India stands at the face of robust growth and we are glad to be spurring it with our world-class services in the EXIM trade. 

Our new tagline, ‘Geography Simplified’ reinstates our conviction that we intend to simplify geography for our customers through our core capability of virtually reaching out to every inhabitable corner of the world and in the process reach out to every heart. 

Smart integration of technology, superior customer service and agility drives the identity change. We are embracing newer opportunities and creating new products which will enhance our deliverables and customer service. We are committed to proactively propose solutions to surpass their expectations. 

As leaders, we will continue on the path of growth. Being an ambitious and forward-thinking organization, we will continue to challenge the status quo. And we will do so with a revamp of our approach to business, in order to pursue bigger and better opportunities globally. 

—The author Ms Shantha Martin is the CEO – ISC, Middle East, Africa and East Mediterranean