August 2016 \ News \ Diaspora in Africa
PM’s African Sojourn

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique—his first official visit to mainland Africa—and stirred the bonds of friendship and emotional connect. He met the Indian diaspora wherever he went, and said his trip to the Phoenix Settlement was life-altering. A report

  • Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi presenting a guide for Indian Businesses: “Doing Business in Kenya” to the President of Kenya Mr Uhuru Kenyatta at the India-Kenya Business Forum, Nairobi on July 11, 2016

During his visit in July, Prime Minister Narendra Modi described Kenya as a valued partner of India while calling for expansion of Indian investments in this east African country. “Kenya is a valued friend and trusted partner of India,” Modi said in a joint press statement with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta following delegation-level talks between the two sides. “The bonds between the two countries are long-standing and rich,” he said. In Tanzania, he described the Indian community as an important link between India and this east African nation. Most early Indian migrants to your great country happened to be from my home state (of Gujarat),” Modi said in a speech at a banquet hosted in his honour by Tanzanian President John Magufuli.

On the second and concluding day of his visit to South Africa, Mr Modi lauded the diversity of the city of Durban and praised the achievements of its people of Indian origin. “One of the hallmarks of this beautiful nation is its vibrant diversity,” Mr Modi said at a civic reception hosted in his honour by the Mayor of Durban and the Indian High Commissioner at the Durban City Hall. “And, no city celebrates this diversity better than the city of Durban and the province of Kwazulu Natal,” he said. “This celebration of plurality of dialects and languages, of belief in multiplicity of faiths and of cultural traditions, is an integral part of this city’s heritage.”