Nayan Chakravarty, a technologist, who has spent considerable time in the Silicon Valley with firms like Apple and Infosys, was an observer at the Mini Conclave hosted online by the India Empire Magazine with its Global Advisory Board on February 6, 2021. He presents a summary of the Conclave ...

Dr Dasarath Chetty, from Durban, also commended the Government of India’s magnanimous gesture of providing Covid-19 vaccines to countries all over the world. “As Civil Societies prepare to celebrate International Day of Fraternity, India’s contribution remains much appreciated,” remarked Dr Chetty. He highlighted the recent joint petition by India and South Africa to the WTO for exempting vaccines and medical technologies concerning Covid-19 from the purview of patents and intellectual property. Dr Chetty put forward his observations about the relations between India and South African as an engagement at three layers: enterprise, education, and culture. According to him, it is the cultural aspect that is slowly undergoing an alarming transformation. Dr Chetty cited statistics around the decline of Indian vernacular language usage in the South African diaspora. Focus on cultural connectivity is the need of the hour, per his assessment.

Dr Kamalanathan Sappani from Malayasia continued on the theme of cultural connectivity between the diaspora and their roots. He presented a sanguine picture of diaspora customs and cultural celebrations in Malaysia that contrasted with the pallid scenario in other countries like Mauritius and South Africa. Dr Sappani credited visionaries from the diaspora who set up educational institutions all over Malaysia to keep the spirit of Indianness alive. It is due to their sustained efforts that around 560 Indian language schools are still operational in Malaysia. He also highlighted the contribution of the Indian diaspora as forerunners in all eminent fields in the Asia Pacific. Dr Sappani took this opportunity to introduce eminent members of the diaspora, Mr Himanshu Bhatt and Dr Purvi, to the meeting.