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Message From President of Afghanistan Investment Support Agency

Afghanistan is experiencing a remarkable growth in key economic sectors due to sustained investments in infrastructure, sound legal framework and an increasingly educated and healthier Afghan population during the last decade.

Considering the significant geographical position of the country, connecting South Asia and Central Asia, and being the center of many large scale connectivity and transit projects across Asia, Afghanistan can become a potential hub for investment in the region. In addition, what make Afghanistan a significant market for investment are flexible tax and duty regime; preferential trade and transit agreements with India, China, Europe and America; availability of skillful labor; increasing local demand; bankable investment opportunities; full membership of WTO; and improving infrastructure. 

Furthermore, in pursuit of establishing a sound investment legal framework, Afghanistan has developed many investment friendly laws including; investment law, commercial arbitration law, law of commerce, law of tax on consumer goods, business trademarks law, contracts law, agencies law mining law, banking law, insurance law and other major laws associated with better conduct of business in the country. 

Afghanistan more than ever before is ready to host large scale investments in all sectors of its economy. And, to ensure that your investments have significant returns, the government has already taken remarkable initiatives to establish a sound investment climate while transforming the country into the most competitive market in the region and beyond. And, we promise that you will have an unforgettable experience during all phases of your investment in the country.

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