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SMC Investments & Advisors: Committed to Enriching Lives & Enhancing Wealth

The ‘India Shining’ story is a fascinating tale where the people of the country finally begin to rise up & move forward to realize its true worth and delivering on the umpteen promises held.

By Yogesh Sood

Humble Beginnings

Wealth management is a term loosely thrown around the boardrooms of private client firms, in trade and mainstream articles and client pitches by financial advisors. Still most professionals will be hard pressed to actually define the term with any degree of precision, SMC Investments & Advisors is one of the few who dared to venture into this unknown territory and succeed in mastering it. D. K. Aggarwal, Chairman & Managing Director (CMD), SMC Investments established the wealth management company in 2007-2008 with a firm vision to help its clients realize their dreams. He says, “We believe that if you have a dream, you must give it a chance to happen. We set our vision to help you follow your dreams, treasure your trust and nurture your investments for a better tomorrow.”

A company founded on the premise of realizing somebody else’s ambition, had a humble beginnings of its own. SMC Investments & Advisors was established at the peak of recession in 2008, but the larger SMC Group was started in a modest 400 sq ft office space with a miniscule staff of five people. The village from where D K Aggarwal hails has a population (~3000) equivalent to the people employed by SMC Investments today, illustrating the kind of stupendous rise the company has seen over the years. Along this treacherous path the firm had to confront the insecurity of potential clients regarding a 3rd party service provider handling their wealth and the traditional fallacy of Indians inclination towards investing in Real Estate and Gold, which are frankly speaking an unproductive way of asset allocation. However, the global financial crisis prevailing at the time of its inception turned out to be blessing in disguise as SMC Investments foresaw an opportunity to welcome numerous talented staff on board, laid off by their peers due to the market condition at hand, an aspect of the firm which would prove crucial moving further into the domain. 

Providing Solutions Rather than Selling Products

The New Delhi based firm strives to offer investment and wealth management solutions customized to meet the clients’ personal financial aspirations. The firm adopts an open architecture approach where the client has the full freedom to avail any product/service from its competitors and an end to end financial and investment plan. While maintaining a client centric approach, SMC Investments with its traditional values of honesty, diligence and superior ethical behavior is focused on solution-orientedness. SMC works excessively to build an optimal portfolio through research-intensive bottom-up approach, suitably compensated by the macro-economic databased top-down decision-making process. The firm’s robust investment platform equipped with the specialized skills, capabilities and systems helps to develop and provide an extended range of investment solutions.

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