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SMC Investments & Advisors: Committed to Enriching Lives & Enhancing Wealth

The ‘India Shining’ story is a fascinating tale where the people of the country finally begin to rise up & move forward to realize its true worth and delivering on the umpteen promises held.

By Yogesh Sood

The Investment Advisory approach embraced by the firm headed by D K Aggarwal is summed up by 5 easy steps:

1.    Initial interaction with the client to understand their needs & desires

2.    Collating data on financial goals and risk/return expectations

3.    Client approval and Plan implementation

4.    Recommended strategic asset allocation

5.    Regularly planned health check-ups & revamping 

The firm places great attention to detail and concentrated growth at a reasonable price range, encapsulating an optimal combination of value, growth and quality investing to enhance and preserve the client’s wealth and provide a vantage point for the future. “To achieve something rare and precious we have to give a little more and work a little harder, this is the philosophy with which we treat wealth preservation and enhancement for our precious clients by ensuring customized solution based wealth management” elaborates D K Aggarwal.

SMC Investments creates personalized and a comprehensively exclusive investment solution built around a suite of products and services. The Investment, Advisory & Research team ensure that SMC offers a balanced, innovative and relevant options. Their Portfolio Management Services include Equity PMS, Conceptual PMS, The matic PMS, Portfolio Revamping Process, Mutual Fund PMS, Debt MMIS and the most unique of the lot, Quant based PMS where the portfolio is designed based on fundamental and statistical tools to maximize return with minimum risk. Additionally under Wealth Management Services, the firm provides Wealth Builder Processes (Financial planning & Investment planning) and Alternate Investments like Structured products, Private equity and Real estate solutions.

A country enveloping an array of subset of distinct variety needs a Wealth Management partner of the highest caliber, and SMC Investments is royalty amongst the ordinary. A commitment to create wealth, provide tailor-made plans for every client, empowerment of people, burning desire to perform in the International financial arena and a larger commitment to Excellence in every step they take forward is what makes SMC Investments special. For SMC Investments, ‘Excellence is not just a skill, it is an attitude’. 

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