Giant Strides

From a tin-shed in the late 1980s to a 1000-bed hospital, 250 doctors, a Cancer Research Institute, a medical college, an engineering college, a Rural Development Institute, thousands of students,

Dr Prakash Keshaviah

At HIHT, I am the Financial Advisor to the V.C. of SRHU and am also on the Finance Committee of HIHT. I am also the Director of the Dialysis Unit. I used to teach Physiology in the Medical College but am not currently doing that as they have enough faculty. I serve on the Governing bodies of HIHT, SRHU and Sadhana Mandir Ashram. Because of my technical background, I am also given projects like campus-wide Wi-Fi, Smart Classrooms, Hospital Information System, Solar Power Plant, etc. Recently, at the age of 71, I have tendered my resignation as I would like to take time for more intense spiritual sadhana. 

My decision not to take any remuneration was made on the flight from the U.S. to India more than 18 years ago. It was not a premeditated act but the thought arose spontaneously that I should come back to my homeland for service and not to earn a livelihood. So I have not taken any remuneration beyond a rent-free campus accommodation and without having to pay the electricity and phone charges. I earn royalties and consulting fees that I turn over to the Trust. 

In the U.S., research was a big part of my life in academia as well as in my corporate job. At HIHT, I have not been able to pursue research because of lack of facilities when I arrived here. So I have busied myself as indicated in Point 1 above. However, I feel fulfilled because my work is a labor of gratitude and love.

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