Giant Strides

From a tin-shed in the late 1980s to a 1000-bed hospital, 250 doctors, a Cancer Research Institute, a medical college, an engineering college, a Rural Development Institute, thousands of students,

Many attempts at recording Swamiji’s sadhana instructions to us were not fruitful and there would be a lot of static noise on the tape. Once, I took a lot of precautions to do the recording and succeeded in getting a good recording. But as it transpired, my mothering-law mistook the cassette for a blank cassette and recorded something else over it!! The lineage of sages considers many of these teachings sacred and secret and tapes could be misused for commercial gain. After all, most of our traditional knowledge was transmitted in an oral tradition without a lot of it being written down. 

Several times during my 30 year stay in the U.S., I tried to return to India, to my culture and to my responsibilities as the only son of aging parents. But I did not succeed till Swamiji called me to Jolly Grant. So the homecoming was delayed but did take place. I was able to look after my mother, and even now, we are looking after my 96 year old mother-in-law at Jolly Grant. 

Swami taught me to live in the outer world but to still remain a citizen of the inner world. As the saying goes, you can put your boat in the water (the world) but make sure that no water gets into the boat! Just being in Swami’s company was a joyful experience because of the vibratory influence of his presence. Swami was the epitome of compassion and love but when the ego reared its ugly head, he could be a tough task master too. Often he inflated the balloons of our ego with attention and praise and then burst the balloons when they got too big. Swamiji would take a lot of trouble to protect us and keep us on the straight and narrow. He was truly friend, philosopher and guide.    

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