Giant Strides

From a tin-shed in the late 1980s to a 1000-bed hospital, 250 doctors, a Cancer Research Institute, a medical college, an engineering college, a Rural Development Institute, thousands of students,

The infrastructure of the hospital was not ready and the campus too was not ready; there were few houses and guest house building. The OPD’s were being run in tin shed. I told Dr. Anil Singhal (then Medical Director) about my intentions to join Swami Rama’s mission. He told me, “Dr. Chauhan, there is no place here, where will you sit? We hardly have one room in the OPD”. I told him “Sir I have decided to join this mission; I have come; I will put one chair besides you and start seeing patients here”. He couldn’t resist my enthusiasm and told me “Fine you may come once a week to run the OPD, but your final coming would depend on Swami Rama. Only after he screens you and accepts you, then only you can join his mission”.

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