November 2014 \ Diaspora News \ Indian Diaspora in UK

The event started with the Eternal Taal group who gave the guests a flavour of Punjab with an exceptional dhol drum performance. The illustrious Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines gave an uplifting two part performance and instilled a sense of pride for Britain in all those present. Dr. Kapoor OBE, Secretary General of the British Sikh Association, in his introductory speech spoke on the history and the special relationship between the British and the Sikhs. Hundreds of thousands of Sikhs played a major role in both world wars in which 83,000 Sikh soldiers were killed and thousands injured and wounded. Sikhs were awarded for their bravery and gallantry in the two world wars. He described the Sikh community as loyal to its cause, honest to the task and truthful to its duties and its members are to be found in many responsible positions.

Dr. Kapoor’s introduction was followed by a moving video presentation on the history of the brave and gallant Sikhs in the First World War. The video was presented by Mr Matthew Ward and Ms Gill Fraser-Lee of History Needs You.

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