April 2021 \ News \ MAURITIUS—WEDDINGS

Planning your special day—also known as D-Day—in Mauritius can be stressful and time consuming for those who are travelling to Mauritius for the first time ...

By Bhawna Chawla Chopra
  • Courtesy: Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority

We have tried to make it more exciting and helpful for you through this article. It will help you to create your special day stress-free and also will save your maximum time. Most of the luxury properties in Mauritius guarantee one wedding a day ensuring your special day remains extra special and you are treated like a princess and helps turn your dream wedding into reality. Mauritius is a country which has 32 percent of Indian diaspora, hence it is easy for the citizens here to understand your culture and help you perform your rituals accordingly. They can very well connect with Indians. Mauritius is, therefore, one of the most easily accessible destinations for Indians who want to plan their wedding in a coastal destination with the touch of European culture.