July 2021 \ MONGOLIA
A Vital PhaseIn Emerging Democracy

Continuity of Mongolia’s peace-loving, open, independent and multi-aligned foreign policy reconfirmed by the new President ...

By ChanravynBurenbayar

“I will ensure the continuity of Mongolian State’s foreign policy, and I shall consistently conduct a peace-loving, open, independent and multi-aligned foreign policy for the extensive growth of friendly relations and cooperation established with the two eternal neighbours and within the third-neighbour policy.”

This is how the new President of Mongolia UkhnaagiinKhurelsukh outlined his foreign policy priorities after he was sworn in on Friday, 25 June 2021 as the sixth President of new democratic Mongolia following his resounding victory in the eight Presidential elections held in the country since the nation’s transition to democracy and free-market economy in 1990.

Soon after the new President was elected, world leaders, including leaders from Russia, China, United States, India, Turkey, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and HH The Dalai Lama congratulated UkhnaagiinKhurelsukh on his election as Mongolia’s new President.

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